Monday, October 29, 2018

Heat Treated Pallets

Fumigated Pallets for export.

Plywood Crate and Pallet materials.

Fruit Bin

Sweet Potato Bin

General Pallet Inc. Bins on Delivery Truck
Large Inventory:
has over 1 Million dollars of product in stock. This large inventory allows us to provide product on time to any size company and also provide the best possible pricing.

New and Recycled Pallets:
We manufacture new and recycled pallets to your specifications. Only the highest quality woods are used, hard or soft wood, plywood, new or recycled.
We also stock a large quantity of standard pallets types.

Retail/Grocery Displays

New Bins and Crates:
provides design services for custom bins available with or without hardware. We make custom crates for all uses. Almond Bins, Garlic Bins, Pistachio Bins, Walnut Bins and Tomato Bins are among the many types of bins manufactured. We also sell individual parts for each type of bin. We manufacture new products with reconditioned materials; whether it is wood or recycled bin hardware for new products or new used products. This allows the customer to see big savings.

OSHA stamped certified Laminated Veneer Lumber scaffolding planks.

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