Monday, October 29, 2018
Bin, Crate and Pallets Repair Services:
provides nut and tomato bins, crate and pallets repair services. will pick up product, repair it and deliver it back to your facility. We repair bins with new hardware, new plywood sides or bottom. We assemble the bins. We repair pallets with new or recycled woods to reduce cost whenever possible.

Custom Paint, Stencil:
We will stencil the IPSM-15 mark on all products we heat treat or fumigate treat for export. We also stencil pallets for identification purposes.

Most deliveries to California, Oregon and Mexico are handled within 24 hours.
uses 28" X 6" flatbed trailers as well as 53" vans.

All interstate and worldwide deliveries are determined by the carrier handling the order.

Pallet Removal:
We offer pallet removal and off-site pallet sorting.
We also purchase used or unwanted pallets and bins depending on the quality of product.

Heat Treatment and Fumigation
is certified for both (HT) ISPM-15 program and Methyl Bromide (MB) ISPM 15 standards for treating of all export of wooden packaging worldwide.

Please see or Treatment Programs page for more information about Heat Treatment and Fumigation.
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